Stenstrom Elementary
1800 Alafaya Woods Boulevard
Oviedo, Florida 32765
Office Hours: 

7:30 AM- 4:00PM
Phone: 407-320-2450
FAX: 407-320-2488
School Day Hours:
8:35am- 3:05pm
(8:35am- 2:05pm Wednesdays)

SCPS Mission
The mission of Seminole County
Public Schools is to 
ensure that
students acquire the
skills and attitudes
to be 
productive citizens.

ESE Teachers


Jeannene Amason (ESE-SF)

Room 305

Phone 407-320-2478

Gretchen Davis (SLP)

Room 405

Phone 407-320-2490

Marissa Ellis (Guidance) 

Room 113

Phone 407-320-2419

Brandi Hernandez (ESE-SF)

Room 305

Phone 407-320-2478

Lara Hill (ESE Pre-K) 

Room 502  

Phone 407-320-2497 

Jolie McClain (SLP)

Room 405

Phone 407-320-2490

Joy Mook (ESE, K-5)

Room 505

Phone 407-320-2448

Janet Wilhelm (Gifted)

Phone 407-320-2469